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Helping Brands Successfully Sell Online

Helping Brands Successfully Sell Online

Tailor Made eShop Management

Tailor Made eShop Management

eFulfillment Solutions To Scale Your Business

eFulfillment Solutions To Scale Your Business

Online Marketing From Content To Conversion

Online Marketing From Content To Conversion


At eTraction our passion is building and managing successful businesses online.

Our approach is unique in that we provide our clients a 360-degrees solution around their Ebusiness by offering modular services for each step in the Ecommerce value chain.

As a member of the Otto Group, the leading fashion e-Tailor in Russia, eTraction utilizes expert know-how and proven infrastructure to develop and maintain the optimal solution for each brand's Ecommerce needs.

Client Solution :
Web Shop

A web shop is a brand's extension of their offline retail image to the online world.  The eShop should present to the consumer the same level of emotional experience and service quality as the consumer expects from the Offline shopping experience.

As a consequence eTraction puts a large emphasis on designing and developing a state of the art web shop for each client, which optimally represents each client's brand, corporate identity and service levels.

eTraction works closely with marketing and brand representatives of our clients to develop an optimal solution for their Ecommerce goals.

Client Solution :

B2C fulfillment differs significantly from B2B operations. All systems and processes must be perfectly streamlined to support high volume fulfillment of small value orders. Not only all warehouse processes from goods receiving, storage, order processing, and pick&pack must be managed, but also all external partners, such as delivery, COD payments, partial delivery, and returns management must be technically and process wise integrated to guaranty fast delivery, efficient information flow, and lowest cost operations.

Otto Group Russia is the leading online retailer in clothing in Russia. Over the past 5 years our fulfilment system has been improved and perfected to support the incredible growth and to optimize each element of the logistics solution to deliver to every corner of the Russian Federation and to achieve the optimal mix of quality, speed, and costs.

Client Solution :

The share of Electronic Payments is still very small compared to COD (cash on delivery) payments in Russian Ecommerce transactions. As a consequence payments and cash management must be effectively and efficiently integrated in the shopping and return process in cooperation with our delivery partners.

Nonetheless, eTraction also offers all relevant Electronic Payment types to their clients to support the recent growth in acceptance and usage of Electronic Payment types amongst Russian consumers. 

An overview of our partners can be found in the Partner section down below.

Client Solution :

The delivery of your customers’ orders is a very crucial process. Not only does the delivery speed and quality drive your customer satisfaction level, but it is also a key driver for keeping return rates and distribution costs low.

Depending on your goals with respect to target group and geographical reach eTraction offers a selection of high quality service partners to serve Online consumers in the biggest Russian cities as well as throughout the entire Russian Federation.

Due to our existing high volume of parcel shipments eTraction clients benefit from our long standing relationships and high volumes with delivery partners, as well as from our low shipping rates right from the start of each Ecommerce project.

Client Solution :
Ecommerce IT

Often clients and consumers believe that online success requires only a popular domain name and a web shop. However, the front end is only the tip of the iceberg. An online shop is a complex interconnected IT system.

Underneath the surface many system modules must work optimally together to cost efficiently fulfill customer orders and to guarantee high quality service to buyers.

At the core operates the ERP system, which connects the web shop with Electronic Payment services, as well as delivery companies. It transfers order data to and from the warehouse, allows Customer Care agents access to all relevant order information, integrates marketing campaign data, manages stock levels, and provides all reporting information and accounting data.

eTraction offers clients a fully integrated and highly scalable technical solution with proven and reliable interconnects to all relevant service partners to allow fast and ongoing sales growth. Our clients may choose to use their existing web shop solution, develop a new web shop on a stand alone platform, or work with inSales, the leading SaaS solution in Russia. eTraction accomodates to each client's individual requirements to optimally support startup and growth phase projects.

If you are unsure whether our solution works for your individual project, please contact us. Our experts will be happy to provide you with detailed, specific and fast feedback, or help you in drafting a solution for your needs.

Client Solution :

Without promotion hardly any brand can expect to achieve relevant sales online. Particularly when starting up an online shop the investments in building up a sizable client database are a crucial part of the process.

The types of online marketing must be considered to achieve the optimal customer acquisition costs and cost per order.

Marketing starts with perfect product presentation with high-resolution photos, product videos, or even 360-degrees product imagery.

As an eTraction client you can either use your own product images or ask us to develop a product presentation rulebook and to produce images based on such guidelines.

Product descriptions are another vital part of online retail. Emotional and factual product descriptions not only facilitate your customers’ decision making process. But they also are a critical component in search engine optimization activities. The better your product description match the search behavior of your target group the better your shops performance in converting visitors into buyers.

The typical online marketing mix then includes SEO, SEM, SMM, Banner Advertising, Affiliate Advertising, Retargeting, Email Marketing, and CRM. eTraction clients can either work with their own marketing agency or work with eTraction marketing experts to define and manage an appropriate marketing mix.


befreecasual daily fashion for the young, bright, dynamic, and positive guys and girls
LOVE REPUBLICLOVE REPUBLIC is a new terrain of freedom, style and beautiful life.
CanoeAn authentic brand of classic young and kids headwear, independent from stereotypes and market conventions.
PPGRCertified cosmetics and parfume from worldwide well-known brands.
ZARINAa brand for genuine women, who are happy, confident, and as a result successful.
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